#WorkIt... Effectively Utilising Instagram For Your Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

For those within the equestrian industry, Facebook and Instagram are generally the two most widely used social media platforms. Whether your brand is your business or product or if it’s a personal brand (#influencer), the use of Instagram is showing rapid growth and popularity and is proving to be an effective tool for increasing engagement.

Whilst for registered businesses of products and services it’s very easy to differentiate between business and personal content, for athletes and influential individuals this line can often be blurred as in many instances, they are the brand. This is particularly relevant to the equestrian industry with many of our top riders and influential stakeholders becoming household names via their social media platforms as they, in their personal capacity, become brands to which others aspire. Much like Facebook provides the option to have a personal and a business profile, Instagram now also enabled functionality for business profiles – enabling you to separate pages for images that support your business versus photos of your pets, lunch and #HelmetHair selfies!

Instagram Stories

A useful feature on Instagram, is Instagram Stories, which are posts that are only visible for 24 hours, not via the person’s newsfeed. These stories provide followers with a more authentic connection to the brand in question by providing a glimpse into more ‘real life’ as opposed to the curated perfection that can be found on the feed.

Instagram stories themselves also have a lot of useful functionality – such as the ‘swipe up’ feature to be able to click on things, polls to obtain interaction from those viewing your stories or the ‘questions’ feature to encourage engagement.

Instagram Live

On the topic of videos, Instagram also has Instagram Live which, just like Facebook Live, allows you to livestream on the platform. People receive notifications so they can jump on to your livestream, which could include a guest, or just be between yourself and your followers. Video content can be leveraged to provide greater exposure, build stronger connections and reach new audiences.

Instagram Direct Messenger

Instagram also has a Direct Messaging (DM) capability, enabling you to engage with followers one on one through a private message facility. Here they can talk to you, ask questions or enquire as to how they can make a purchase. Direct messaging is useful for building relationships and opening channels of two-way communication.

Once you’ve decided that Instagram is a good platform for you or your business, it is important to ensure that you keep your content relevant, relatable and consistent. There are a few ways once can more effectively promote your business or brand on Instagram.

To Read our Top 8 tips visit page 26 -28 of the July issue of Equestrian Life SA Magazine.

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