Travelling in Style - Travel Boots from Mogul Equine

What do you do when you just can’t seem to find travel boots that fit exactly as you’d like them to?

You make them yourself.

That is exactly what Desiree de Andrade from Mogul Equine did after years of attempting to find travel boots that were not only comfortable and functional, but that were also aesthetically pleasing AND cost effective – particularly for owners of larger strings who were frequently on the move – such as race horses and polo ponies.

If you have read our previous articles on the Hidez Compression products which Desiree imports and sells, you’ll know that she is an avid horsewomen and passionate natural equine healer so you can bet your bottom dollar that the design of these boots has been tried and tested multiple times until she was satisfied that they were the best they could possibly for the horse in terms of functionality, protection and comfort.

Looking at the boots, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d come with a hefty price tag – after all, they are lined with the most delicious, luxurious faux fur and have a soft canvas outer which provides added waterproofing and durability. They cover the knees and protect the hock without causing any restriction and have extra Velcro straps to ensure they stay in place and contour perfectly to your horses legs.

They’re also double stitched for extra strength and they’re fully machine washable – BONUS! Talking of stitching, these travel boots are 100% proudly South African, so investing in a set also means you are investing in the livelihood and dreams of a local seamstress and entrepreneur.

But we thought you shouldn’t simply take our word for it – so we tasked Lorette Knowles- Taylor of Farnham Stables to try them and give us her honest opinion:

1. First impression of the Mogul Equine Travel boots?

I love navy so first impression was definitely positive! The faux fur on the inside is amazingly soft but I thought it would possibly be too warm for our SA climate. My concern was that the outer fabric wouldn’t be breathable enough to prevent the horses from sweating – but after using them at the past 2 shows I have to admit that I have been proven wrong!

2. Opinion after using them for recent shows?

For this review, I decided the best possible “guinea pig” would be Harvey. Anyone who follows my social media pages will know that he is a sensitive soul (for lack of a more colourful description) and not the greatest traveller – so we were really putting these boots to the test from both a comfort and protection perspective.

At the recent Reonet 3 day show, Harvey was in his travelling boots for almost 6 hours – from being loaded at 06h30 and only being tacked up at 12h30 – and not only did he not sweat at all, but he hadn’t tried to chew or kick them off during that time – which is virtually unheard of!

Freezo, my right hand man and Harvey’s groom has given the boots a giant thumbs up (and is equally impressed with Harvey’s tolerance of the boots – especially over a lengthy period of time in them).

3. What do you like most about the boots?

They are really soft and comfy! Horses, even sensitive ones like mine, are quite content to have them on as they don’t restrict movement at all.

4. Anything you would change or prefer to be different?

If I had to look for something – it would probably just be to label each boot for which leg it belongs to. It makes it a whole lot easier and quicker for horsemen (and non) to put them on - especially at the end of a long day or when in a rush - to help save some time.

5. Your horses opinion of them?

The fact that after 6 hours in them, Harvey hadn’t tried to eat or kick them off speaks volumes! I would say he approves!

6. Would you recommend them to others?

Absolutely yes!

7. Rating Scale (Where 1 = below average and 10 = excellent):

a. Aesthetics?


b. Ease of putting them on and taking them off?

7.5 for putting them on and 10/10 for taking them off (very quick to remove)

c. Functionality?


d. Protection?

10/10 (and with Harvey – they were put to the test multiple times!)

e. Comfort?

10/10 – so much so that we may look to use these for long distance travels where we previously would use pads and polo wraps.

f. Cleaning?


g. Overall rating?


The travel boots are available from Mogul Equine at R990 for a full set and just R600 for a front set – available in pony, cob and full sizes.


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