TRAVEL: WildEarth SafariLIVE (Game Reserves Are Bringing the Bush to Us)

Considering Covid-19 restrictions have resulted in a ban on leisure travel, many of us are still unable to visit South Africa’s many game reserves, even though they have re-opened. Whilst nothing will replace the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush, many of the resorts and reserves have taken game drives virtual so we don’t have to miss out completely.

If, like many of us, a bush break is your sanity, your calm amidst the chaos of life and your reason to stay – then no doubt you’re also chomping at the proverbial bit to grab the bincolulars and head for the hills (literally).

In the interim however, we’ve found an online solution so you can get your fix of ‘bush television’ from the comfort of your couch: WildEarth’s SafariLIVE.

WildEarth’s safariLIVE is an award winning, live safari, broadcast directly from the African wilderness into your home. Hosted by expert field guides from &BEYOND Resorts and WildEarth, the game drives will be streamed over a variety of social media platforms each day. It is authentic and unscripted and will follow the sights and sounds of the African wilderness as they unfold, as you would on your typical sunrise or sunset safari!

Viewers will be able to join up to two live safaris a day, each of which will last approximately three hours:

  • 06:30am – 09:30am CAT (sunrise dependent)

  • 15:00pm – 18:00pm CAT (sunset dependent)

These will be streamed in real-time from the following renowned South African game reserves:

· &BEYOND Ngala Private Game Reserve,

· &BEYOND Phinda Private Game Reserve,

· Djuma Private Game Reserve and

· Tswalu and Pridelands Conservancy.

Whilst we sit in self isolation, so the African wildlife are enjoying the calm and quiet of our absence, making for supreme game viewing. So grab your gin and tonic, your Amarula coffee or your sparkling water on the rocks, light the fireplace, don your khakis and kick your feet up on the couch and do as we South Africans do best – maak ‘n plan!!

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