Tack theft isn’t new – it’s a topic which has been plaguing the equestrian community for the past few years with well-organised syndicates managing to bypass even advanced security systems. Vehicle tracking company, Netstar has developed a tracking unit to try aid in the recovery of stolen assets such as saddles, which is exclusively available from Milmac.

Apart from the inconvenience of not being able to ride until replaced, the violation of someone having been in “your space” and taking your hard-earned possessions and the time and effort required report the theft and claim from insurers – for some, it may spell the end of a riding career. When it comes to saddle theft, for many, they’re irreplaceable. Some have been made or custom manufactured for specific horses, some brands are no longer available and for others, who purchased their saddles many years back or a pre-loved tack, the cost of purchasing the same quality saddle is simply impossible.

The syndicates behind tack thefts are highly organised – with advanced security systems and CCTV cameras being tampered with so effectively that yard owners and security companies aren’t alerted, little evidence is left behind and there’s no means of identifying the culprits. While preventing the actual break in and theft remains the responsibility of the yard owner – with many trying everything from electric fencing, access control, CCTV surveillance and roaming security to smoke bombs and armed response – tracking and recovery company, Netstar, have developed a unit which can assist in the recovery of these saddles even if the security measures put in place fail.

The unit weighs only 50g, is water and dustproof (IP67 Rated) and uses Radio Frequency for tracking purposes – of which Netstar owns the largest network in the country. They are low maintenance, with a three year battery life, and come with a certified fitment certificate for insurance purposes. The units are intended specifically for tack theft – and not instances where your horse has made a getaway with your saddle still attached – and will need to be replaced once activated for recovery purposes.

The Initial Fee for Netstar’s Dynamic Asset Recovery is R1,115.50 which includes the unit, installation and the first instalment, after which it is billed monthly at R118.50 incl. VAT.

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