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Did you know you can enroll now at The IEA Elite for immediate acceptance or for 2021? You can also register for your child to join our online classes at any time.  We understand the pressure of both parents trying to hold down demanding careers while still wanting the best for their children. Our boarding facilities surpass the best accommodations. We have tailor made solutions to suit you and your child’s individual needs, from online tuition, day scholar options to full term boarding with shared or private room options.  Did you know boarding school teaches your child to be self sufficient, independent and self discipline ?All traits we see lacking in many of today’s youth. Give them a leg up in life! It’s never too early to start.  The horse riding acts as a therapy to children with behavioral problems and love self esteem. Horse riding and taking care of an animal teaches self discipline and critical thinking. Both of these qualities will help set your child up for success.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your child. WWW.IEA-ELITE.CO.ZA


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