They say that diamonds are a girls best friend…. But that’s assuming they don’t own horses! Unless of course you could combine the two passions - which is exactly what Ralstons Jewellers have done.

From Humble Beginnings

Ralstons is a jewellery manufacturing company with a difference. The business was founded back in 2000 by Paul Ralston Nel, a classical goldsmith who has over 30 years’ experience in custom manufacturing of jewellery, specialising in wearable sculptures and art. He qualified as a worker of precious metals and diamond mounting (jeweller) in 1990, after serving a 5-year apprenticeship under the guidance of a master goldsmith. Paul worked for various renowned jewellers in Johannesburg and surrounds throughout his career and still consults to one or two of these.

Furthermore, he also qualified as a Diamond grader, Tanzanite and coloured stone authenticator through the European Gemmological Laboratories (EGL) and is an accredited member of the Jewellery Council of Southern Africa as an authenticator and valuator of gemstones and jewellery. Paul’s first passion was to create delicate classic and vintage jewellery, including millgrain and cluster work, which were then sold from boutique stores.

Paul started Ralstons to provide a personalised service to individual clients. The process starts with a client consultation to ascertain their requirements (for example, will the piece be worn daily or for occasional use only) and assess their physical features (characteristics such as large knuckles, protruding collar bones, long neck and so forth) to obtain a custom fit and hear their vision. The client is included in the design of the piece which guarantees that the bespoke piece is unique, tailor-made and will not be duplicated. In conjunction with the manufacture of these pieces Paul also provides the service of valuation and authentication of jewellery and gemstones for his clients.

Paul’s great love for animals led him to branch out to include Wildlife Pieces. He attempts to capture the beauty of each animal into the piece of jewellery he creates. The classic and wildlife pieces are one-off bespoke pieces that will not be duplicated, ensuring the uniqueness of every piece that is commissioned.

Equine Jewellery

Paul developed a passion for horses about three years ago and was convinced by his wife to start the Equine Range. The majority of the Equine Range is made in sterling silver but can be made in rose, white or yellow gold upon the request of a client. All materials used in the manufacture of Ralstons jewellery comes from ethical and sustainable sources that can be traced and verified. All bespoke pieces are hand crafted by Paul Ralston Nel and designed in conjunction with the client.

The Equine Range is available through the online shop on the website, but if clients wish to try on any piece of the range, it is stocked by Equestrian Diva Couture in Kyalami. They also sell their Equine Range at various equestrian shows throughout the year, such as the SA Derby and the Capital Stud Auction.

Ralstons Unique Offering

For anyone seeking a brand new piece of jewellery but who can’t afford to pay a fortune… Ralstons have the solution for you!

Empty your jewellery box of old pieces you no longer wear, broken chains, single earrings, and old butterfly’s. They utilise the metal and stones from your unwanted pieces to design and create a brand new piece of jewellery. The metal you provide is weighed and the price of the day used to obtain a monetary value. You only pay for any additional metal required and labour involved.


Website: www.ralstonsjewellery.com

Email: info@ralstonsjewellery.com

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