As many of you may know, we’ve been reviewing various products over the last few months with one simple goal in mind…. Finding the items that make life and riding BETTER. The definition of ‘better’ is subjective…. It depends on what you’re accustomed to, what your beliefs and opinions are regarding certain therapies and treatments and how you define convenience and value.

Sometimes, however, we come across a product which makes life better for everyone – simply because it been thoughtfully conceptualised and designed so well for the purpose it was intended. HIDEZ Equine Compression Ice Socks fall into this category – not only are they incredibly effective and convenient for applying cold therapy, but the compression element assists with lymphatic drainage -providing double the benefit with every use.

Why Ice Horses’ Legs?

Apart from helping to alleviate pain, much like with human injuries, applying ice to an injury site early is the best means of reducing inflammation and swelling and reducing the severity of soft tissue injuries. It is also a very effective maintenance tool for horses when applied post-exercise as well as for horses with chronic or recurring problems – particularly those with tendon or suspensory ligament issues from previous injuries. Icing horses’ legs for 15 to 20 minutes a day, especially after strenuous exercise, will stand them in good stead for long term wellness and soundness, whilst repeating this process 2 or 3 times a day will greatly help injury specific treatment.

Having tried a number of other ice boots previously, our greatest frustrations were:

1. Finding something that effectively applied cold consistently to the “bendy bits” like the hocks and knees as most boots stopped below hocks or knees or hampered movement

2. Boots slipping from the weight of the ice packs or being made from such thick fabric that once the ice pack was inserted you didn’t get the full benefit of the cold

3. Boots that are easy to fit and comfortable

Why we love the HIDEZ Compression Ice Socks:

  1. They are SO easy to apply – each sock has been specifically designed and sewn to contour to your horses’ legs so you can’t get it wrong – they’re even marked on the inside so you know which sock is for which leg

  2. Anyone can apply them – you simply wrap, zip and secure as the size would be selected to ensure the best fit. There is no risk of tension injuries to tendons as you would have with bandages.

  3. The length of these socks provide treatment from above the knee or hock to below the pastern joint and the three-pockets enables you to target a specific area if required – particularly effective for icing injuries or targeting problem areas.

  4. There is the option of a single ice pouch sock if you prefer.

  5. The boots have a Velcro strap at the top to secure the boot and prevents it from sliding down once the ice has been added

  6. Apart from having the pockets for ice and the ability to apply cold therapy, these socks have the added benefit of providing compression therapy which helps to increase blood circulation to assist with rehabilitation from injuries

  7. The socks are made from a moisture management elasticated fabric which makes them stretchy enough to fit well, thin enough for maximum effectiveness from the cold and easy to clean and store. They don’t restrict movement and don’t need to be connected to electricity or hoses for use.

  8. The inside of the sock has the barrier of the compression sock so your horse won’t get ice burn.

  9. You can use crushed ice, ice blocks (the rounded edged blocks which most ice machines produce) or ice packs inside the pockets so they can be used literally anywhere – at the yard or at shows (no need for a power source or batteries to be charged).

  10. When the ice has melted, you can leave the ice compression sock on for up to 9 hours if you choose and your horse will enjoy the benefits of compression.

  11. They come in a range of awesome colours and various sizes are available to ensure the best fit for your horse. A miniature pony or a Clydesdale could be fitted with ice compression socks.

  12. If your horse has severe swelling, expander inserts are available which simply zip into the sock to cater for the swelling.

Downsides to the HIDEZ Compression Ice Socks?

To be honest, we don’t have many! If anything, it would just be the need to have access to ice. If your yard has an ice machine which produces crushed or the rounded edged blocks of ice, you’re in the pound seats, but if not you obviously need to ensure you purchase en-route. This is as simple as stopping at a petrol station however so hardly an inconvenience. Otherwise you can always make ice if your yard has a freezer easily accessible – which would be required anyway even if you were to use other ice boots which make use of a cooling pack.

If you have access to an ice machine, the single pouch ice compression sock is convenient, however, if you have less availability of ice, the seamless ice compression sock has 3 ice pouches which enables you to use less ice and target a specific area (knee, hock, bone, or fetlock).

These boots aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach so you do need to make sure you have the right size for your horse(s). Again, as much as this may be considered a disadvantage to some, on the plus side, it means that investing in a pair guarantees maximum cooling effect and benefit for your horses legs which is the primary objective for application.

The Verdict:

We have been really impressed with these ice socks from a functionality perspective. The design has been well thought through and overcomes the many frustrations we had found with other brands. They are really convenient to keep in the tack room or show box – especially for unexpected injuries or just for regular application after exercise.

As riders, and especially as horse lovers, we are very conscious of deliberate and consistent care and maintenance of our horses for long term benefit (we have mentioned before how nebulizing and cold therapy form part of our horses’ daily wellness routine) and these ice compression socks have really been effective – in fact most days we do both at the same time as neither the socks nor the Flexineb nebulisers restrict movement.

The HIDEZ compression ice socks are available from Mogul Equine in South Africa and a range of colours are available for purchase:

· 1 pouch = R4550 per pair (front or hind)

· 3 pouches = R4890 per pair (front or hind)

For sizing, contact Desiree who will be able to advise on the best fit.

Mogul Equine

(+27) 83 633-3586

Keep an eye on our social media platforms where you can win yourself a pair of HIDEZ Compression Ice Socks (front or back pair) in a colour of your choice valued at R4890!

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