EQUESTRIAN TRADE: Equine Retail Therapy Made Simple

It can be described as a combination of Takealot.com and Facebook Marketplace where buyers and sellers of both new and pre-loved equestrian items come together to fulfil a need. EquestrianTrade is a brand new digital platform that strives to be the hub of all things equestrian.

As an online e-commerce store, EquestrianTrade offers customers a range of the best-in-brands and equine related products, including being the exclusive distributors of Schwung products – a brand inspired by European trends but manufactured locally. In addition, it also allows users to upload pre-loved tack, their horses for sale and other items, as well as listings for professionals such as vets, saddle fitters, farriers and much more.

Created by two friends, both avid horse riders, Jaili Nicolaou and Roxy Madden, and inspired by lockdown and the increased demand for online shopping, EquestrianTrade was designed as the ideal online retail store, ‘swap shop’ and directory. “It becomes virtually impossible to keep track of all the groups and posts on Facebook, so we’ve created an online marketplace which categorises items so you can filter and search more effectively and efficiently” says Jaili.

EquestrianTrade.co.za also recognises the grooms - who support equestrians and their horses - and the website hosts a free listing tab for grooms seeking work. “They are the backbone of the sport, responsible for the welfare of our horses and providing them with a platform to gain employment is important - especially in these tough economic times” adds Roxy.

Our current specials include 25% off all Schwung blankets – just in time for Winter – and free shipping on all orders over R500.

EquestrianTrade.co.za is also in the process of developing add-on products that support the whole equestrian community that they will be releasing soon, so keep a look out on the website or sign up to their newsletter for the latest updates.


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