Beaulieu Equestrian Academy: Turning passion into a career

Kyalami, in Gauteng, has the largest number of horses per capita in all of South Africa, which is fitting then that it is home to one of the country’s premier equestrian academies. Situated on the same campus as Beaulieu College, just off Maple Road, Beaulieu Equestrian Academy (BEA) opened in March of 2000 and offers a number of courses in line with the EQASA qualification system.

The objectives of developing an equine-specific programme were three-fold:

1. To produce candidates who were capable of working responsibly, correctly, effectively and confidently with horses (to have sufficient knowledge and practical ability to carry out day-to-day tasks associated with the management and riding of horses)

2. To provide candidates with an introduction to the variety of career opportunities associated with horses (including racing, tourism, welfare, stud management, saddle fitting and nutrition to mention but a few)

3. To harness the wealth of expertise within the South African equestrian community and share this within a structured environment.

The academy has been under the administration of Yvonne Bolton since 2016 – herself a Level 3 EQASA Coach and an accredited FEI Level 2 coach. Apart from being well qualified, she has a wealth of riding and coaching experience and is able to boast a number of achievements evidencing her prowess. Amongst her accomplishments has been as South African Chef d’Equipe for two Finalists who rode in the FEI Children’s Show Jumping Finals in Chile and Abu Dhabi, namely Christine Moeller and Lexi Stais.

Yvonne has also been Chef d’Equipe to South African PR & Junior Show Jumping Teams who rode against New Zealand and Australia and in Zimbabwe some years ago. In addition, she coached both Alexa Stais and Laurence Mowatt winners of the Philip Smith Memorial Equitation Championship.

The academy offers a full time, intensive training course for those wishing to pursue a career in the equestrian industry, as well as a number of short courses throughout the year for those seeking to further their equestrian knowledge. The syllabus includes 5 modules which are examined by EQASA and are aligned with the NQF requirements:

Module 1 Basic Stable Yard Skills Module 2 Advanced Stable Yard Skills Module 3 Horsemastership Module 4 Preliminary Riding Instruction Module 5 Horsemastership and Riding Instruction

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