We’re heading towards the month of August which always seems to be a bit of an anomaly weather wise. The days are warm, but the early mornings and evenings have a chill in the air and on the windy days it manages to cut right through you. It makes dressing, especially for doing outdoor exercise, challenging with jackets becoming too hot as core temperature rises, but short sleeves leaving us feeling just that touch too exposed.

Lucky for us, the team at Castano Equestrian Equipment have thought this through and have just unpacked a range of Equestrian Queen apparel which is not only stylish and functional, but solves the “warmth to practicality-of-removing” conundrum that saw so many of us forgetting jackets and scarves balancing precariously on the jump uprights mid-lesson.


The Equestrian Queen Harriet body warmer is beautifully styled with the renowned Equestrian Queen logo branded on the front panel alongside eye-catching gold zip detail. The top has a fitted waist for a more flattering profile and is the ideal length for riding functionality. The lightweight body warmer is available in black – which we can all attest to being the most practical colour when it comes to equestrians – but the patterned side panels add a touch of elegance and detail. The added bonus of the zipped side pockets are perfect for keeping your hands warm – ideal for coaches during those chilly morning lessons.

What we love most…

As with most items we feature in Equestrian Life SA, we place emphasis on functionality, value-for-money and practicality – after all, we generally morph from businesswoman to horse rider to mom in the space of a few hours, and so should our outfit! The body warmer is perfect to wear on chilly days to keep you warm while riding, or even as casual wear paired with jeans.

Check it out or shop online here: https://bit.ly/EQBodyWarmer


Apart from the fact that these breeches come in one of our favourite colour combinations - grey with turquoise trimming – they are also produced with functionality and comfort in mind. The material is quick drying, UV protective and ideal for moisture management and the full-seat silicone grip helps provide added security while in the saddle.

What we love most…

These breeches have a convenient zipped pocket on the front panel which can be used to store your cellphone or keys (or your facemask in 2020).

Check it out or shop online here: https://bit.ly/EQbreeches

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